Friday, January 16, 2009

Nie is back...Yay!!!!!

Stephanie Nielson & her Hubby (her beloved Mr. Nielson) were in a terrible plane crash this past August. They have 4 darling children & Stephanie is author to her own blog: The NieNie Dialogues...I found "NieNie" & her wonderful dialagues after the crash. I had seen "buttons" on blogs that I love to read & decided to click & check it out, what was the fuss all about anyways?
Well, I struck Mommy Blog GOLD, the most wonderful blog read of the day! So, I spent time going through her archives & "catching up" on her story as she recovered. Her story went national after the crash & thousands of people now know & enjoy the NieNie Dialogues! Me being one of them. Well, she is back! So, if you need a "pick me up" or just some HERE & see what all the fuss is won't regret it...I promise!

Have a happy day & be thankful for family, friends & those that you love...


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