Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Sunday Chatter

What a beautiful Sunday morning! The Wise fam has been a bit out of sorts this past week, due to a little home beautification (is that a word?...Mom, you out there?)! We are enclosing the back screened porch into a lovely playroom for the girls, complete with wrap around windows! We also made the decision to paint the inside of the house, such an easy to decision to make right?...not so fast! The painting portion has been hell! I knew, that I would have to remove pictures, etc...from the walls, well that all just sounded too easy! Oh my! My house has been an absolute disaster area & I am so obsessive compulsive about keeping it tidy, that I have been "off my rocker" so to say, the past few days! Everything, and I mean everything, in my home is in complete disarray!! I have taken many deep, cleansing breaths & counted to 10, at least 100 times! Needless to say, I will be OH SO HAPPY when the painters are finished, crossing my fingers that day will come tomorrow & I can get my home back in it's original order!!

I wanted to also share a cool website, Artsonia. A wonderful place to scan & upload all of your children's artwork from school & keep it on file! You can organize, share & even purchase items with your child's artwork! Just the site for me, as I have many totes filled to the brim with Chloe, Hannah & Shelby's art! I never have the heart to throw anything they make away, & this gives me a great place to keep it all organized! Perfect for the OCD mentioned in the paragraph above! You can find the site here, just sign up & start scanning!

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