Monday, March 9, 2009


There is nothing quite like coming home after being away! Jason & I enjoyed our trip to DC so much! Pics to follow below (I won't bore you with all 5 bazillion of them!)...
The girls ran into our arms the minute they saw us! How blessed we are. My Mom & Dad took exceptional care of them & reported back that they of course were all perfect angels...what?? Don't get me wrong, our girls are the loves of my life, but they can through a whopper of a tantrum! We usually have at least one melt down per day around here, so how Mom & Dad skated through 5 days with not one, I will never know!

The White House

You know I had to lay down on a bench & take a pic of the Washington Monument looking straight up!

Our Nation's Capital

And...sorry if this isn't Mommy Blog PC, however I must include our pic with "Joe the Plumber"!

We arrived home to 8 inches of Southern snow!!! Our home town, NE of Atlanta, received the most out of the entire stat of GA! We only made it up 1/2 the driveway as it was a snowy, icy power, but being reunited with the girls made it all worth it! So happy to be thawed out & 75 degrees!

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Lula Bee Boutique said...

Wow! I am jealous! Four whole days...I'm too afraid mine would burn something down..grammy and papa aren't as spry as they once were ya know?. Sounds heavenly though!! Allison