Sunday, January 18, 2009

My CPSIA Rant...

Ok, I will make my "rant" about the new Consumer Products Safety law as painless as possible, as I know many of you have been reading lot's of rants on this same issue for the last few weeks. Unless you live in a cave, you have probably heard about a new law, set to take effect on 2/10 that will shut down thousands of small businesses! I only sell resells, but I do buy my girls custom sets new from many amazing handmade designers. These wonderful people, who work tirelessly on their great products, will be hit hard when this law takes effect. Long story short: Every component of any handmade piece of clothing or toy must be lead tested! Now, this won't be hard for say Gymbo or Gap, but for tons of handmade designers, this will shut down their businesses! For most of them, designing handmade is their livelihood! I know, it sounds like I don't want children to stay safe, on the contrary, but I know that the sweet clothing these ladies make for my girls hasn't & will not poison them with lead! This law needs to be revised & I with thousands of others have signed petitions, etc... to raise public awareness & get some congressional attention, thank goodness they are starting to pay attention!

I love my friend, Kristen of Gocks Frocks take on this issue, here is her TV interview here & her fabulous $15,000 skirt here on Etsy! That is what it will cost for her to sell a $40 skirt after 2/10 if some changes aren't made to the current CPSIA law! If interested, shop Gocks Frocks on Etsy & Ebay while you can & cross your fingers for some changes, so all of these fabulous clothing & toy designers can keep designing & selling their wonderful products!

There is also a great updated article on here!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nie is back...Yay!!!!!

Stephanie Nielson & her Hubby (her beloved Mr. Nielson) were in a terrible plane crash this past August. They have 4 darling children & Stephanie is author to her own blog: The NieNie Dialogues...I found "NieNie" & her wonderful dialagues after the crash. I had seen "buttons" on blogs that I love to read & decided to click & check it out, what was the fuss all about anyways?
Well, I struck Mommy Blog GOLD, the most wonderful blog read of the day! So, I spent time going through her archives & "catching up" on her story as she recovered. Her story went national after the crash & thousands of people now know & enjoy the NieNie Dialogues! Me being one of them. Well, she is back! So, if you need a "pick me up" or just some HERE & see what all the fuss is won't regret it...I promise!

Have a happy day & be thankful for family, friends & those that you love...


Monday, January 12, 2009

Gettin' my Craft on & Vote for Chloe!

I have been a bad blogger lately, totally neglecting to update with posts, pics, etc...
I have finally gotten my act together & have something fun to share today! No-Sew fabric covered accent pillows! A few posts back, I had said that I would be making these beauties with Patty Young's new gorgeous line of fabric: Andalucia! As soon as the girls were back in school last week, I took the fabric (that had been sitting in the closet for a month) & pillows (cheap, purchased at Target) & got started! I was so excited & prayed that I could make pillows that looked half-way decent!
I am so happy with the result & the yummy colors in Patty's delicious fabric were perfect for our brown suede-like couch & overstuffed chair! Instructions below...if you aren't too crafty (like me!), you will love this easy way to punch up your living room, bedroom, etc...I know that you amazing custom designers out there, my pillows probably look a bit pathetic, but for someone who can't sew a button onto a shirt, these suckers look fabulous, LOL! Check out Patty's blog to find out where to buy Andalucia!

On to the second part of my title it really time to vote again already? Well, sort of. My sweet Chloe (age 9, 3rd grade) is participating in her classroom election this year! Sounds like fun right? However, for my ultra-sensitive Chloe, this has proven to be quite a task! She truly wants ALL of the voters in her classroom to love her & will totally stoop to bribing them if necessary! Who do you think she enlisted to help her with this bribery? Me, of course! Below are pics of the cupcakes we (I) made for her to pass out to her class & hopefully impress the heck out of them! Her "running mate" is her sweet friend Katie & they both have a bit of a competitive edge & will cry if they lose...This Mama has her fingers crossed for a solid win for my girl, as I know heartbreak will ensue if she doesn't. Pray for me!!

Pillow Instructions (per Family Circle magazine) ~

*Buy a standard size accent pillow at your local discount store (Target, Walmart)

*Use one yard of your favorite fabric

*Wrap pillow in fabric as you would wrap a gift

*Secure ends with fabric glue or even better; Velcro! If you use Velcro, you can change out the fabric easily

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I want one!

Ok, as soon as these cute Hurley Benny cable knit beanies are NOT sold out (at least the color I want: parchment)...I will be clicking "buy now" faster than you can say Katie Holmes!

How wonderful is cozy cable knit in the Winter?