Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got Leaves?

Well, if you don't...I have plenty!! Any takers? Who in the world is going to rake 2 of our 15 acres...all full of lovely, dead Fall leaves? Probably not me & Hubby, LOL! We promise ourselves, every year that we will rake & make our yard beautiful for Winter...we never do it! God bless the person who invented the leaf blower!

I was ready to take my shower the other day & pulled the curtain back to find this!!!! Yikes!!

After Hubby heard me scream...& he finished laughing, he admitted he forgot to tell me when he & Shelby made a recent trip to the Garden store, that Shelby picked this out to take home...it's still too scary for a garden if you ask me! She wanted to play "alligator" in the bathtub while I wasn't home & clearly Hubby hung him up to "drip dry"! Shelby very simply told me "Mama, that is just Chompers, he won't bite you, he's pretend!"

Some cute customs have come our way over the last few weeks!

Shelby in maddie*kate (thanks Kandy & Kacey)...my darling loves puppies, so much so that she refused to take a pic without her beloved, "Mr. Biscuit"!

And a darling knit Fall set! Sweet knit hoodie by Jenn (little*red*wagon) & the amazing jeans by Laurie (kandy*Kisses*)

I know this post is totally random, but I feel like I have neglected my blog lately...more Holiday happenings from the Wise family to come!

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Kacey & Kandy said...

Wow! You have 15 acres!! We are SO jealous!! Right before the stock market fell, my parents were in the process of buying a house up in North Georgia that had 7 acres and a horse barn. Hopefully it still will be for sale when things turn around! We would have been up there this week for Thanksgiving for sure! Shelby looks darling in the Puppy set. I still have more of that fabric, so a skirt set might be listed this Spring :-) Take care and have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!