Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh yes...I am so thankful!

What could be better than living in the most amazing country God has ever created, loving my Husband, my partner for life & knowing he loves & adores me back, three beautiful, healthy little girls (I always wanted all girls)! As I look at the big picture, all of my dreams have come true! Wonderful friends & their families, even my own crazy family members (come on...we all have at least one!!), I am so blessed, & incredibly lucky! I am so thankful...not just this weekend, but daily. I know this all sounds really rosy & perfect...however, I have days when the girls are fussing with each other or running circles around me & TONS to do; I literally want to pull my hair out (mostly the gray ones that pop up between highlights!), I am a normal Mama, but I love normal (crazy busy)! It starts after Halloween, the inevitable stress of the season! School programs, gifts for everyone (we always deliver homemade cookies to the fire & police stations in our area, because they always work so hard!), Girl Scouts, Pre-k functions for Shelby, wrapping, baking, picking up take-out for dinner (did you actually think I was going to say "cooking"?), the list goes on & on as all of you fellow Mama's know!! But don't we all secretly enjoy the craziness...even if just a bit?? I promise myself that I will slow down every single year...haven't done it yet!! The hustle & bustle does provide an extra excitement during the holiday season running around shopping, etc...Those visions in my head of Hubs & I sitting together fireside on our couch (ya know, on the SAME couch, he is usually in the overstuffed chair, LOL)! We would listen to Christmas music & just enjoy each others company...that vision is so fleeting, but a nice thought!

So, I am thankful in so many ways, to so many people in my life, & look forward to my favorite time of the year with my family, no matter how busy we are! I hope you enjoy yours too! I also welcome any funny holiday stories that you might want to post in the comments section; I can always use a good laugh!! I am sure I will have a few to share before Christmas!

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