Monday, November 3, 2008

Is it time already?

Oh my! Only 53 days left until Santa comes to visit! I love this time of year...time off with family, shopping, drinking warm peppermint/chocolate concoctions at Starbucks, people in good moods, tons of good cheer, warm sweaters, cute jeans & boots to wear, the wonderment in my children's eyes as "the big day" draws near! I love Christmas! Even though it was almost 75 degrees here yesterday, I decided to take the girls "on location" to get some cute pics for our annual Christmas pics this year! As many of you know, we live very close to the University of Georgia! We have these super cute artsy bulldogs (UGA's mascot) all over town, this "Dawg" in particular stays dressed for Christmas all year long! I thought it would be a cute prop for our pics this year! The girls had so much fun & actually cooperated as Jason sat back with delight, as our picturing taking sessions are usually horrendous, LOL!

Lot's more pics to come I am sure, as I have some cute customs that my wonderful designer friends have created for Shelby!

I knew Christmas was soon upon us as first thing, Saturday morning, I heard a Christmas commercial on the radio on my way to the grocery store, which already had the Halloween candy thrown in a cart with a 50% off sign attached! Goodbye Halloween, hello Thanksgiving & Christmas! My hope this year, as it is every year, is that I slow down enough to really soak in the season & enjoy it!

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