Friday, November 14, 2008

Saving Marielle...

I have gotten to know the most wonderful lady, Lisa of Domestic Diva fame, & her fabulous boys line..."Downtown Joey". Just eyeing her customs for boys makes me want to have one! She is just fantastic! Even though I have not known her for very long (we met on Twitter), I could instantly tell she was one of those women who all of us Mommies strive to be, she is incredibly caring & just amazes me with all that she does! Her energy level is just awesome!
Well, Lisa has a beautiful Daughter, Marielle. She is so lovely & I can't begin to describe how amazing Lisa is with Marielle! You see, Marielle's kidneys are failing & Lisa has been in a frantic search for a donor save her Daughters life! Just writing those words takes my breath away, as I can't imagine being up against this challange...the challange that she & Marielle face together...Lisa keeps us updated on Twitter & lots of Hugs & prayers have been sent her way. I wanted to post here, so anyone who reads my blog could get the word out! Lisa & her family are still looking for a kidney match, all the while Marielle is in & out of the hospital. This illness must call on Lisa & sweet Marielle's strength every moment of everyday.
If you think you would like to fill out an application to be a donor or would like to pass along her is a link to Lisa's Domestic Diva blog with all of the details...
God bless you Lisa, Marielle & family, we are praying everyday for you all!

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