Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bring on 2009!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We did, however, as usual, I forgot to bring the ol' camera to almost every single Christmas event we attended! Yup, my camera was absent during the following festivities: Christmas parties (all three girls), Girl Scouts, a fun family Sunday at Stone Mountain's Christmas Village, Christmas Eve, and GASP! Christmas morning! Sweet Hubby did get video of most of the above, thank goodness! lovely after-Christmas post with sweet pictures in front of the tree, or pictures of my girls giggling with delight Christmas morning with their treasures from Santa (although, they did really giggle with delight!) a Happy New Year post is in order here!

I have now moved on to taking deco's down, the tree (it was so dry) is gone, etc...I have had to sweep my hardwood floors a gazillion times since the tree left us...where are all of those old tree needles coming from??

I am so ready for 2009! Jason & I probably won't make it until midnight tonight, as usual, we will enjoy our New Years kiss tomorrow morning! Sleep is too important! Out with all of the craziness of 2008! No more bailouts (yea right!), election is over, hoping for a better economy, less crime, etc...ya know, the typical wishes we make every year for our Country!

2008 was a great year for our family! I feel so blessed with each years passing, to have my beautiful girls, my amazing Husband, my incredible family, our health & happiness!

I am just ready to start a new year fresh & enjoy watching my girls grow & learn, enjoy my marriage, travel & see new places (sorry Disney, we are seeking a new vacay spot this Summer!), catch up with old friends (I say I will do this every year!), continue mentoring, volunteering, more lunches with my Mom (just for you Mom, LOL!), more family time...

I hope you & yours have a very Happy New Year & that 2009 brings only the best!

Here is the one & only (very blurry) pic taken from my Blackberry while visiting Santa! Might as well share, as it is the only pic I have :)

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