Thursday, December 11, 2008

You better watch better not cry

Every year I buy these super cute "Letters to Santa" at our local boutique...I know, nice touch right? Well, Jason sits the girls down this past weekend to write out their wishes to send to the "big guy" that lives at the North Pole! I think he imagined the girls drinking hot cocoa, happily writing down their secret wishes, lovingly looking up at him with a hopeful look in their eyes...they would ask him "do you think I have been good this year Daddy? He would respond "yes sweetheart, you have been good". I think he was smacked back into reality when Hannah looked at her letter & the space provided for her wishes & exclaimed..."8 lines on this letter to write my wish list, what a crock"...
I guess it's time to go back over "the reason for the season" lecture with sweet Hannah!

Ahh yes, Christmas at my house, you can't make this stuff up! Thank you Hannah for keeping us in stitches...daily!

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PiaTillys Boutique said...

ROFLMBO...that is too funny!! What a little cutie! :)