Sunday, December 7, 2008

They grow up way too fast!

My sweet angel Chloe will be 9 on Tuesday!! I remember the moment she was born, my first born, like it was yesterday! I had the nursery finished at 3 months preggo, as I myself wanted to be a "Mommy" since I was a young girl! She was my dream come true...and still is! I am so lucky to have her at my side every single day, she is a blessing, as all of my girls are! She is polite, incredibly smart, beautiful, loving, a wonderful Sister (even though she tells me occasionally she wishes she was an "only child", LOL!), kind & considerate. I adore her...I love you sweet Chloe...Happy Birthday sweetheart!

**Sorry for the picture overload, I get extra emotional during the Holiday :)

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