Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh yes...I am so thankful!

What could be better than living in the most amazing country God has ever created, loving my Husband, my partner for life & knowing he loves & adores me back, three beautiful, healthy little girls (I always wanted all girls)! As I look at the big picture, all of my dreams have come true! Wonderful friends & their families, even my own crazy family members (come on...we all have at least one!!), I am so blessed, & incredibly lucky! I am so thankful...not just this weekend, but daily. I know this all sounds really rosy & perfect...however, I have days when the girls are fussing with each other or running circles around me & TONS to do; I literally want to pull my hair out (mostly the gray ones that pop up between highlights!), I am a normal Mama, but I love normal (crazy busy)! It starts after Halloween, the inevitable stress of the season! School programs, gifts for everyone (we always deliver homemade cookies to the fire & police stations in our area, because they always work so hard!), Girl Scouts, Pre-k functions for Shelby, wrapping, baking, picking up take-out for dinner (did you actually think I was going to say "cooking"?), the list goes on & on as all of you fellow Mama's know!! But don't we all secretly enjoy the craziness...even if just a bit?? I promise myself that I will slow down every single year...haven't done it yet!! The hustle & bustle does provide an extra excitement during the holiday season running around shopping, etc...Those visions in my head of Hubs & I sitting together fireside on our couch (ya know, on the SAME couch, he is usually in the overstuffed chair, LOL)! We would listen to Christmas music & just enjoy each others company...that vision is so fleeting, but a nice thought!

So, I am thankful in so many ways, to so many people in my life, & look forward to my favorite time of the year with my family, no matter how busy we are! I hope you enjoy yours too! I also welcome any funny holiday stories that you might want to post in the comments section; I can always use a good laugh!! I am sure I will have a few to share before Christmas!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got Leaves?

Well, if you don't...I have plenty!! Any takers? Who in the world is going to rake 2 of our 15 acres...all full of lovely, dead Fall leaves? Probably not me & Hubby, LOL! We promise ourselves, every year that we will rake & make our yard beautiful for Winter...we never do it! God bless the person who invented the leaf blower!

I was ready to take my shower the other day & pulled the curtain back to find this!!!! Yikes!!

After Hubby heard me scream...& he finished laughing, he admitted he forgot to tell me when he & Shelby made a recent trip to the Garden store, that Shelby picked this out to take's still too scary for a garden if you ask me! She wanted to play "alligator" in the bathtub while I wasn't home & clearly Hubby hung him up to "drip dry"! Shelby very simply told me "Mama, that is just Chompers, he won't bite you, he's pretend!"

Some cute customs have come our way over the last few weeks!

Shelby in maddie*kate (thanks Kandy & Kacey) darling loves puppies, so much so that she refused to take a pic without her beloved, "Mr. Biscuit"!

And a darling knit Fall set! Sweet knit hoodie by Jenn (little*red*wagon) & the amazing jeans by Laurie (kandy*Kisses*)

I know this post is totally random, but I feel like I have neglected my blog lately...more Holiday happenings from the Wise family to come!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Black Friday Fun!

Want to have some fun the day after Thanksgiving? The busiest shopping day of the year! All while staying in your pj's! Could this get any better? YES, it does! Laurie of Kandy*Kisses (ebay id), is having a fabulous Black Friday event on her blog! You can check it out here: Kandy Kisses Blog
Tons of fun givaways...just grab a number! Check it out!
Laurie does AMAZING custom can see her designs on ebay & on etsy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Saving Marielle...

I have gotten to know the most wonderful lady, Lisa of Domestic Diva fame, & her fabulous boys line..."Downtown Joey". Just eyeing her customs for boys makes me want to have one! She is just fantastic! Even though I have not known her for very long (we met on Twitter), I could instantly tell she was one of those women who all of us Mommies strive to be, she is incredibly caring & just amazes me with all that she does! Her energy level is just awesome!
Well, Lisa has a beautiful Daughter, Marielle. She is so lovely & I can't begin to describe how amazing Lisa is with Marielle! You see, Marielle's kidneys are failing & Lisa has been in a frantic search for a donor save her Daughters life! Just writing those words takes my breath away, as I can't imagine being up against this challange...the challange that she & Marielle face together...Lisa keeps us updated on Twitter & lots of Hugs & prayers have been sent her way. I wanted to post here, so anyone who reads my blog could get the word out! Lisa & her family are still looking for a kidney match, all the while Marielle is in & out of the hospital. This illness must call on Lisa & sweet Marielle's strength every moment of everyday.
If you think you would like to fill out an application to be a donor or would like to pass along her is a link to Lisa's Domestic Diva blog with all of the details...
God bless you Lisa, Marielle & family, we are praying everyday for you all!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Freedom is never free...

Today, we honor all of the millions of men & women who have valiantly served our great country! Veterans Day...for all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for OUR Freedom! Just the tought gives me such a patriotic feeling in the pit of my stomach...sadness for those families who have lost a loved one to war, pride...the greatest sense of pride to be a part of the amazing nation & to be so proud of our military! I have the upmost respect for the members of our military & today is special, it gives us a moment to reflect on the sacrifice, the pride & the absolute pleasure we should take in each day we are granted freedom!
I started off the day taking a walk in our small town, past the small memorial set up for Veterans Day. Tall, bold white crosses to symbolize all of those that have been, member & citizens of the community gathered around in prayer & sharing their own memories, what an amazing, sobering site. I feel so incredibly lucky & know that my job as a Mommy is to teach my girls how important our freedom is, what patriotism feels like, pride in our country...
I then came home & donated to these two sites...Wounded Warriors & Operation Gratitude...both wonderful organizations that help our soldiers & their families...
I keep thinking of my Father & Grandfather who served in Vietnam & WWII respectively, of my friends whose Husbands & Wives are overseas & of their children, what a selfless sacrifice they have all made for us! If you feel inclined, take a moment & honor our Veterans, both present & of generations past, for the service to this wonderful country!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 now go VOTE!

I don't mean to sound bossy with my title of this post! And, no I will not go on & on about my political leanings (you can see that on my facebook, lol!)...this very LONG election is finally coming to an now we need to vote! I do think that voting is our right, but more so our responsibility! I happily took my three girls to the polls & was so proud that they got to see their Mommy participate in an historic election, whichever side wins! I felt pride, excitement, and such a deep patriotic feeling this morning! I am so proud to be an American, today and everyday!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Is it time already?

Oh my! Only 53 days left until Santa comes to visit! I love this time of year...time off with family, shopping, drinking warm peppermint/chocolate concoctions at Starbucks, people in good moods, tons of good cheer, warm sweaters, cute jeans & boots to wear, the wonderment in my children's eyes as "the big day" draws near! I love Christmas! Even though it was almost 75 degrees here yesterday, I decided to take the girls "on location" to get some cute pics for our annual Christmas pics this year! As many of you know, we live very close to the University of Georgia! We have these super cute artsy bulldogs (UGA's mascot) all over town, this "Dawg" in particular stays dressed for Christmas all year long! I thought it would be a cute prop for our pics this year! The girls had so much fun & actually cooperated as Jason sat back with delight, as our picturing taking sessions are usually horrendous, LOL!

Lot's more pics to come I am sure, as I have some cute customs that my wonderful designer friends have created for Shelby!

I knew Christmas was soon upon us as first thing, Saturday morning, I heard a Christmas commercial on the radio on my way to the grocery store, which already had the Halloween candy thrown in a cart with a 50% off sign attached! Goodbye Halloween, hello Thanksgiving & Christmas! My hope this year, as it is every year, is that I slow down enough to really soak in the season & enjoy it!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had such a fun Halloween & hope you did too! The girls had a fabulous time dressing up!

A spooky "Spider Witch"

A sweet 1950's "Poodle Skirt Girl" (in Hannah's own words, LOL!) (She wore a little tank top under her "dress" & it got a little "bunched up"! She cracks me up! She looks like a "grown-up" 1950's "poodle skirt girl"!! ROFL!!!

A super cute "Girly Pirate" ARGGH!!