Saturday, August 16, 2008

ALL 3 Girls are BTS!! of yesterday, all of my girls are back to school! My older girls, C & H were up very early (5:30am! Seriously!), so excited to get dressed & go! If you remember on Monday, S went to her first day of Pre-K & is adjusting well! C & H reported back at the end of the day that they LOVE their teachers (I do too!) & had a fun first day! Next week will be the real test as yesterday as funsies with games, snacks & Summer memories! It was so quiet in my house yesterday, I missed them being around, but got TONS done! Ran around like crazy to this place & this one returning things (buying too, ugh!), went the the post office, bank & snuck in a Starbucks!!
I can't wait until I can show them this post when they start High School & remind them how quickly they "jumped" out of bed to hurry to school! LOL! Not sure if the excitement will stick...a Mother can always hope!

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