Thursday, August 21, 2008

My new mantel

Well, not a "new" mantel exactly...but new pics of the girls...that (gasp!) I took! Remember when I mentioned what a terrible photographer I am here? Well, that hasn't changed much! I think I was blessed on the day I took pics of the girls for the mantle with gorgeous light as the weather was beautiful & yes...photoshop! (thank goodness for photoshop!)

I love how they turned out...not for the fact that they look decent (to my amatur eyes), but that my girls look truly happy! You know the smiles our children flash at us that come from deep down & you can tell that there is nothing fake or forced about it? I love those smiles! Somehow I was able to capture those from each of my girls & feel so wonderful about putting them up on the mantel! The frames actually still need to be hung, but I was so excited, I just had to share!!

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