Monday, August 11, 2008

Shelby goes to Pre-K...

Well, I knew this day would come. The day when all three of my sweet girls would go to "big girl" school! Yes, I know it is only Pre-K, but as fast as the years fly by, this will just lead to bigger things, you know Kindergarden, LOL! She looked so precious in her dress by this fab designer, & her sweet, sweet Gymbo knee socks! I could have just eaten her up! Precious!! I love this pic of her before we left for "big school" with her completely empty backpack! Of course as C & H had to have fresh new backpacks for the school year, so did Shelby! We found a darling "little girl" sized backpack at Gap! It fit her "little self" so perfectly!! I had to get a pic of her with her sweet teacher, Mrs. Julia on the first day, to compare with the pic I will take on the last day, yet again to see that she has grown older, taller...sniff, sniff :(
I know she will have tons of fun today, I just miss the days when I had three babies & then three three big "school aged" girls!


modkidboutique said...

Awwww... Shelby looks adorable in her My Unbirthday! Hope she has a blast in school.

Thanks for joining Cook It. Blog It!, Jennifer! I just added your URL to the blogroll. Can't wait to see what you cook up! :)


Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

I am so excited! Now I just need to find something fabulous to cook & then try my best to somewhat capture it with my stinky photog skills, lol! Thanks Patty :)

Jenn said...

Oh she is adorable!!! She will love big girl school!!! We are BIG fans of Dayna's work too...the dress is perfect for Shelby!!

take a bow Jenn