Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Milestone for H!

Something "momentous" happened this weekend in our family, well "momentous" for our 6 year old, H! She talked us into taking her to the mall to get her ears pierced! She will be 7 in December, so I figured now was a good time!
After leaving the ear piercing chair...TWICE...she took a deep breath, closed her sweet eyes & held my hand tight...2 seconds later, we had experienced yet another milestone in her life!
Hubs & I were jumping up & down cheering for her, she didn't shed one single tear! My "Mama pride" was in full swing! S continued to just shop around the store as all of this was going on, while C watched from a corner with this look on her face that read: "Oh my! H has no idea how much this will hurt"! C has had her ears pierced for a few years now & has a really low threshold for pain, lol! This was NOT her fav trip to the mall :)
No pics were taken as my hands were being squeezed & Hubs chased S around the store most of the time! honor of my sweet Hannah...I have added some lovely bling below :)

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Linda said...

Oh! How exciting! That is such a rite of passage for a young girl! :)