Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starting over...sort of

Good Morning!! I really need to start this blog over...
I started my blog last year...didn't have a CLUE how to "blog" at all (I know, I am a bit late getting on the blog train, lol!), I just didn't have my heart in it, as you can see here, there are only two posts!!

Well, I have decided to start back again wholeheartedly! I actually have had so much fun "blogging" during the last few weeks! I have TERRIBLE photog skills, as you know if you have seen my eBay auctions! The amazing custom resells I offer deserve to be showcased in all of their glory..so thank goodness, the amazing custom designers I work with on eBay let me borrow their studio quality photos! Thanks ladies :)

A bit about me...My name is Jennifer, Hubs is Jason. My very best friend, my support, my soul mate...
We will celebrate our 10th wedding anni on 10/24 this year!! Woohoo! Still going very strong!

We have been blessed with the three princesses we prayed for: Chloe/8, Hannah/6 & Shelby/4! Life with three girls running around is so crazy at times, however one hug or kiss, one smile from our girls, makes all the chaos so worth it!! Jason & I adore our 3 blessings more than they could ever know!

We live just outside of Athens, GA...near the University of Georgia, Go Dogs! We always love Fall college football season, falling leaves, chili on the stove, the girls playing outside & of course, the Dogs on tv!!

Chloe just started 3rd grade, Hannah 1st & our baby Shelby started Pre-K this year! They love school and are all smart, kind & loving, of course we are biased!

I love spending time with my wonderful family (my parents are close by), eBay"ing", trips to the park, shopping, oh how I love shopping! I am so addicted to this place! I get a Venti Iced Coffee every single morning without fail...it doesn't take much to thrill me!! LOL!

Please stop by & say hello! I have met so many wonderful people through eBay, etsy & other blogs...

Hey, this blogging thing just might become addictive...

Family pic from last Christmas...the girls look like they have had enough fun :)

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pickles*and*co said...

Hey Jennifer...so glad to see you blogging now. Guess what...I Twitter too! lol