Thursday, August 14, 2008

I want to rewind...just a little

I haven't had two seconds to myself to rewind & relish our last fun day out this Summer together as a family! C & H start school tomorrow...I will miss being with them everyday, all day...but I probably need a bit of a break, LOL! My sweet Shelby started Pre-K on Monday, so today I am remembering what a truly fun, carefree Summer we shared with each other!
The perfect "last hoorah" was this past Saturday at Zoo Atlanta, which I personally haven't visited in over 20 years! Wow, I am really dating myself! We jumped in the car & drove out to beautiful Grant Park in Atlanta where the Zoo is located. The weather was sparkling, no humidity & I just had a feeling we were really going to enjoy ourselves! We visited all of the typical Zoo animals, every single one of them more amazing than the last...and we got to see Atlanta's much beloved Panda's! On loan to our city from China for a total of 10 years, one of the females is due to give birth in about 2 weeks! If you ever find yourself in "Hot"lanta, you must visit our amazing Zoo!
J, the girls & I had such a great time, there was no nagging, fussing, pulling at my shirt or whining, WOOHOO!!!! The girls were precious little gems & it really made for the perfect day! Here are a few pics below, any of you who know me, realized that my photog skills stink (thank you custom designers for always lending your gorgeous pics!!), I want to take some photog classes, but need to find the time! I did play around with some fun textures that I found on Jenn's blog & I actually got them to work, just really need some serious help with my photo taking, LOL!
Also, doesn't S look sweet in her knit set by this wonderful designer?! We LOVE her knit sets! Thanks Sheila ;)

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Gina said...

Oh how precious they are! I too am already sad summer is almost over!! :( I will add you to my links...I didn't know you had a blog!