Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Back to school time!!! Not just that this busy Mommy of three needs a break from being glued to her sweet girls...but, I long for cool days, changing leaves & jeans!
Today, we will do our last bit of back to school shopping! I have my two oldest, C & H who now insist on "Big Girl" clothes (which by the way are more expensive, LOL), thanks to this
store & they will hardly wear sweet things from this store!!

My sweet S, who will enter Pre-K this year, will still wear her sweet eBay boutique customs, my last hold out, LOL!
C & H want to wear lip gloss to school, the gloss (which I know is so innocent, I'm just not ready!) along with spaghetti strap tanks at school are not allowed in my book yet...why do they want to grow up sooo stinkin' fast??
On the home front...we have a bit less humidity today, so the impending yard work that Hubby & I have ignored for the past 3 weeks MUST get :)

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