Monday, September 15, 2008

39 & Holding...FOREVER

Well, today is my sweet, sweet Husband Jason's 39th birthday! In his own words...he is "39 & holding forever!!"

As a family, we LOVE to celebrate...celebrate anything really! We just love a good party, a reason to get together with family & friends, & the girls always love a good cupcake!

As you can imagine, our girls woke up singing to Daddy wildly & wishing him a very happy birthday...he said "he couldn't have gotten a more precious gift than to have the loves of his life celebrating his day with such love & excitement!" The homemade cards drawn by the girls are many & will be saved forever (I am such a sentimental junkie!), we ordered his favorite cake & picked it up after school today & I of course have the latest electronic gadget on his "wish list" wrapped up for him to open after dinner!
All of that aside; One of the things I love most about Jason is that he cherishes the girls & I so much & let's us know it every chance he gets! He tells us every year "if the cake & presents disappeared...he would still be the happiest man on earth!" We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Husband & Daddy! (Ok, that is all of the mushy stuff!)

I am off to cook his favorite dinner & then the celebration begins...and it doesn't end there! Like the INSANE person I am...I offered to host his birthday party here on home...LOT'S of cleaning involved! (What was I thinking?) There are 20 perfectly good restaurants within 10 miles of our house that we could have chosen, oh well! Wish me luck! :0)

I am just hoping the girls will choose their party place...outside of the home! Yikes!

So...Happy Birthday to you my love...I want to celebrate 100 more with you! We love you!

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couture*4*my*cutie said...

Happy B-Day Jason! Don't you just love that "electronic gadget wish list"? My DH has one too, LOL! Hope he had a good time!