Monday, September 1, 2008

A fun new gadget!

I was so delighted to open a box that arrived in the mail two days ago! I found this product, Cup-a-Cakes, through this fab website & HAD to have one, well three to be exact! One for each Daughter's lunch box!
These are fabulous! Keeps me saying..."what will they think of next"! These little gadgets hold a typical sized cupcake perfectly still inside of a fun colored (we have pink!) plastic shell! They also feature plastic prongs inside of the shell to hold the cupcake in place, so it won't wobble around & the delicious icing won't end up on the inside of your Cup-a-Cake device, it will stay where it belongs...on top of the cupcake itself, LOL!
Perfect for on the go, lunch boxes, snacks, etc...Or, take one along with you in your purse if you are attending a Birthday party & want to take an extra cupcake home with you!!
I HAD to buy cupcakes today (no, they are not homemade!!), just to try them out, lucky C & H will get a cupcake inside of their lunches tomorrow, how fun for a random Tuesday at school!
So...head on over to this website or this one...Grab one (or 10!) for yourself! These are so much fun!

These are not made of flimsy plastic...I was so impressed with this little kitchen gadget!


Amy said...

Glad to see you got them and love them, we have had ours for over a year and they are still loved!


modkidboutique said...

Cool gadget!

Oh, and I saw your questions on my blog about your Cook It Blog It! recipe. Yes, just go ahead and post on your own blog. And make sure to use the logo and a link to the blogroll. Every now & then I feature some of the members' recipes on my blog too. :)

Can't wait to see!

pickles*and*co said...

I ordered TWELVE! lol Aren't they lovely! :)