Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a week!

Well, yet another BUSY week has passed us by here at the Wise household! H lost another tooth (pay up tooth fairy!), ears have been pierced, I have cooked (at least once, LOL!) & blogged, school project for C is finally completed & so on & on & on!
So nice to have the weekend to "catch my breath" before we start all over again!
I have GOBS of eBay custom boutique to list...but feel like I am in a rut & am not at all motivated to get our customs listed & outta here!
So, I feel like I need to lazily spam my resells here :0)

Click here for my listings...

I promise to have a much more interesting blog entry in a few days...once I get my Mommy mojo back, LOL!

Wanted to post a pic of S in one of our last Summer customs...even though it will be 90 here until Thanksgiving, I feel compelled to buy sweaters, jeans & cute tights in hopes of a quick Fall arrival this year! Jen of LRW made this sweet fishy set!

Oh, also: Look at this YUMMY pillow made by Patty of Modkidboutique! She used the most gorgeous swatches of her new Andalucia fabric that she herself designed! Don't you love the these colors against the cord?!Want to read more about Patty, check out her fab blog...Modkidboutique! Love the pillow Patty, so full of deep tone, delicious Fall color (love this red colorway)!! I will turn to other designers to create something fun with Patty's fabric as I still don't sew!


modkidboutique said...

Awww...thanks so, sooo much, sweet Jennifer. You have made my day with all the sweet compliments and this feature. If I decide to offer these in my shop after the show is over you'll be the first to know. :)

Love ya!


GingerLouise said...

Hi Jennifer, Nice Blog! I am looking forward to the arrival of Patties fabric and fall!