Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We love a good party!

As I mentioned here, it was Jason's 39th Birthday last weekend & boy did we celebrate! C, H & S LOVE Birthdays, Holidays, any reason to have a party & celebrate! So...this year, they asked me if THEY could plan a surprise party for their Daddy on his special day, how could I resist?

Off we went to the party supply store, the bakery & one of Daddy's fav stores to find some fun gifts for him to open! I bought him the Garmin Nuvi GPS for his car as he has wanted/needed one for sooo long! Will be great for him as he tools around the Southeast for his company! His navigation using his cell, well the screen is so tiny, it was getting hard for him to see as he was driving, are we getting old or what, LOL!!?? So this one, has a much bigger screen!

Back to the Birthday bash...the girls set everything up (I have 3 party planners on my hands, I know!), he walked in from work last Friday & was so surprised: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! It was so much fun & a time to treasure for us as a family as we were the only attendees! We had a bigger party with friends & family last Saturday, but the girls party was so special! S wrapped up her hairbrush to give J for his Birthday...her hairbrush??? Cracked me up & was so endearing!

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Royal Rugrats said...

Ahhh! LOVE the hairbrush gift!!! Those are the best kinds!!! Oh, and I have a Garmin. I don't know how I ever lived without one! I believe we are all gifted in areas and have "special needs" in others. Directions is definately my "special needs" area!!!! I hope he enjoys his Garmin! The parts sounds like an awesome family moment.