Friday, September 19, 2008

New Boutique Goodies!

If you take a look at my sidebar, you will find Take a Bow under my fabulous blogs list...Jenn's blog is an everyday, super fun read for me!! She is having a fantastic blog giveaway! Check out these super cute headbands she has just made, aren't they darling! Her premise behind them? Girls who are a bit older, getting out of that "boutique bow"! These are wonderful, because they still have that boutique look us Mom's LOVE!
Great for me as I have two Daughters that these will be perfect for!! They will not wear bows anymore, sniff sniff :(
However, I still have Shelby as my last "bow holdout"! She would loves these headbands too!
So head on over to her blog, Take a Bow and leave a comment to have your name entered into her contest!

1 comment:

Bryn said...

Super cute! Thanks for keeping me informed on all the latest customs!